Huile de graines de figue de barbarie bio 15 ml - Ayda


Price: 42 euros. Enjoy an unprecedented experience with the precious pure and organic Ayda Prickly Pear Seed Oil with exceptional natural active ingredients for your targeted care: face care, eye contour, neck and décolleté care. Preserves the youth of the skin: anti-aging serum par excellence.
A virgin and organic prickly pear oil - 15 ml

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Weight/Capacity 15 ml flacon pompe en verre luxe
Compositions 100% OPUNTIA FICUS INDICA SEED OIL* * : ingrédients issus de l’agriculture biologique
Laboratory Produit au Maroc Coopérative Agricole Féminine. La précieuse huile de soin Ayda est analysée puis conditionnée par un laboratoire partenaire en France.

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Organic prickly pear oil Ayda, obtained by pressing the seeds of prickly pear

The precious Ayda prickly pear seed oil

Overall, it is very rich in natural active ingredients, especially vitamin E and Omega 6. Thus, it is an ideal ally for your facial, neck and décolleté care routines. In addition, the precious Ayda vegetable oil is pure and certified organic.

In order to extract the vegetable oil, the figs are collected in Morocco by our partner female cooperative. Then, the women of the cooperative extract the precious seeds from its fruit. They are then washed and then dried before being pressed.

Subsequently, once extracted, it is analyzed in Morocco by an independent laboratory. It will be analyzed again by our partner laboratory in Auvergne (France).

Finally, our partner laboratory, certified organic, packages the precious oil in glass bottles.

Certified and labeled care oil

Also, we guarantee you the origin of our care thanks to a relationship without intermediaries with our partners. Moreover, our cooperatives and partner laboratories are certified organic by Ecocert Green Life.

First certified organic, Ayda prickly pear seed vegetable oil is labeled Cosmebio, Vegan & Cruelty free.

On the other hand, for better conservation, we package it in France in glass bottles. Also, to facilitate its application, the bottle is fitted with a pump. Thus, our bottle minimizes the oxidation time of the oil by its hermetic side.

Tips for using Ayda prickly pear oil

Unlike argan oil, prickly pear oil is a dry oil. Thus, it is suitable for skincare routines for oily, combination and dry skin. Also rich in vitamin E, it is ideal for a mature skin care routine.

Face application tips

To nourish and protect your skin, wash your face first. Next, apply Damask Rose Hydrosol to the area to be nourished.

Without drying your skin, apply 1 to 2 tears of prickly pear vegetable oil in the palm of your hand. Then heat the oil by rubbing both hands quickly. Then gently massage your face for about 1 minute.

Finally, also apply a dab of prickly pear oil to the neck and décolleté area.

Prickly pear oil for your evening routine

Also, it should be noted that this skincare routine should be favored in the evening, before going to bed.

Indeed, it is at night that the cell renewal process is most effective. During the day, our skin fights all external aggressions: pollution, sun, cold, or stress. Ultimately, it is when we are safe from all these attacks that our skin regenerates the best.

This is why we recommend using it as an evening routine.

Our little extra tips

Prickly pear seed oil to mix

It should be noted that prickly pear oil is an ideal ingredient to add to your homemade treatments. Indeed, it can be associated with your face masks to energize your skin. For example, for a rhassoul mask, just add a few tears of fig seed oil. Thus, the mask with rhassoul and prickly pear revitalizes the skin and softens it.

Then you can also combine 2 drops of oil with your cream. Thus, it enriches the cream with active ingredients naturally present in prickly pear oil.

Conservation tips

First, the oil is best stored in a glass bottle. In addition, the bottle must be airtight in order to limit its oxidation. This is why we preferred to package our treatments in glass bottles with a pump. Thus, prickly pear oil preserves all of its natural properties.

Finally, we recommend that you store the oil away from light and heat.

Natural active ingredients of the precious pure prickly pear oil Ayda

First of all, let's remember that it is extracted from the seeds of the precious fruit. Also, it takes 1 ton of prickly pear to extract 1 liter of oil.

A concentrate of Omega 6

Thus, this concentrate of natural active ingredients is first and foremost rich in Linoleic acid, called Omega 6. To be honest, its rate is 61.60%.

Because it is rich in linoleic acid, prickly pear oil is an ideal oil for targeted care. Indeed, the intake of Omega 6 is essential for our body, which is not able to synthesize it. In addition, Omega 6 strengthens the skin barrier.

Rich in anti-oxidant (vitamin E)

Next, fig seed oil is particularly rich in tocopherols, which correspond to vitamin E. Indeed, it has a rate of 100mg / 100g. Overall, vitamin E is an anti-oxidant that helps protect skin cells against free radicals. In this, it is an oil perfectly suited for mature skin.

Prevent skin dehydration

Finally, prickly pear seed oil is made up of sterols. Overall, this active ingredient locks in hydration and strengthens the skin's natural barrier. Thus, Sterols promote hydrolipidic retention of the skin. Prickly pear oil has a sterol level of 1000mg / 100g.

Omega 9 or oleic acid

Prickly pear oil has an omega 9 level of 21.00%. It should be noted that oleic acid strengthens the hydrolipidic film of the skin. Thus, it helps maintain the elasticity of the skin as well as its hydration and suppleness.

A responsible approach

Experienced cooperative

First with more than 10 years of experience, our partner Cooperative has improved and optimized its production methods. Thus, she carefully selects the seeds to extract the precious oil.

Likewise, we have observed with farmers family traditions passed down for several generations to cultivate the prickly pear. This is why we have supported our partner Cooperative to obtain health authorizations for export.

Ayda Women's Cooperative

Also, nearly 50 women then take care of the proper functioning of the Women's Cooperative through administrative management, the harvest of precious fruits, the extraction of prickly pear seeds, the work of prickly pear seeds to get the precious Ayda natural skincare oil.

Did you know ?

In sum, a single prickly pear can contain 50% juice and around 4% seeds. Then, from these seeds can be extracted on average 3% of their weight in oil. Thus, it takes about 30kg of seeds, or pips, and more than 1 ton of fruit to produce 1 liter of oil.


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