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Encens Omanais Oliban (Louban dakar) - Nourcine Bio
  • Encens Omanais Oliban (Louban dakar) - Nourcine Bio
  • Encens Omanais Oliban (Louban dakar) - Nourcine Bio
  • Encens Omanais Oliban (Louban dakar) - Nourcine Bio

Encens Omanais Oliban (Louban dakar) - Nourcine Bio


Price : 2,90 euros. Louban, or frankincense, is a resin, derived from the frankincense tree named Boswellia Sacra. It is one of the most well-known aromatic resins in the world, and is often used in fragrances and cosmetics. Louban is used to treat anxiety, depression and stress. It is also used to improve mood and concentration.


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Frankincense originating from the Emirate of Oman is considered the finest quality of Frankincense in the world.

Louban is perhaps best known for its fragrance: it has a strong, sweet smell that is often described as "spicy."

This jewel of nature is obtained by incising the bark of a tree called “Boswellia Sacra”. It flows, then, in droplets or "tears" hence the name in Arabic "louban dakar". This gum is then recovered and used in various forms: fumigation, maceration or as chewing gum, etc.

Frankincense Uses:

  • Burnt: it incenses your homes with its fragrance and purifies the air. In addition, when it burns, it releases a fairly sweet citrus smell. Perfect for meditation, relaxation, concentration, anti-stress.
  • Chewed: it relieves stomach aches and facilitates digestion after meals; it cleans teeth from tobacco and coffee and regulates heart rate, and it freshens breath and disinfects the mouth. Thoroughly cleaned the pieces of resin under water to remove incense dust.
  • Macerated in water: it strengthens memory, prevents several chronic diseases, such as diseases of the liver, kidneys and digestive tract; relieves constipation but also diarrhea; strengthens the immune system; controls blood sugar and lowers cholesterol.
  • In cosmetic preparation: it helps to firm the skin, to keep it well hydrated and to stimulate the production of collagen. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles, evens out and improves the complexion and promotes skin cell renewal.
  • In massage or diluted in a bath: it soothes pain in case of tendinitis, rheumatism, osteoarthritis or even sciatica; it also soothes ENT and respiratory congestion; it fights against oily cough, fatigue but also against the weakened immune system. Commonly used in aromatherapy, olibanum relieves anxiety and stress. is also an excellent relaxant, it helps to fight against seasonal depression, excessive emotions, tensions...


"To firm my skin and have a smooth effect, I put some frankincense gummies in my bottle of rose water. When I remove my make-up, the rose water gives me an instant feeling of well-being and the incense blurs my dark circles and fine lines."

This frankincense is 100% pure, there are no additives, there are no chemicals. It is a 100% natural and raw incense. It is in the shape of grains of pretty colors. Our frankincense smells very good. Since it is fragrant, a very small amount is enough. It is thus economical.

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Pot d'environ 7 g
ENCENS Omanais Oliban (LOUBAN dakar) boswellia sacra

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