The prickly pear cactus pear or is a fleshy berry produced by the prickly pear from Mexico.


The prickly pear is a fruit-celled, many-seeded (polyspermic) whose weight can vary from 50 to 400 g. It derives from the inferior ovary adherent to the floral receptacle. Some authors consider it a false aril. Its color varies depending on the varieties: yellow, red, white ... The shape is also very variable, not only by variety, but also according to the training time: the first are rounded, the later have a form of stem more elongated. The number of seeds is very high; of the order of 300 to 160 g of a fruit.

Figues de Barbarie (2)


Considered one of the most expensive oils in the world, the oil of prickly pear seed offers three to four times the benefits of argan oil.

The high concentration of vitamin E is greater than any other oil on the market (greater than 100 mg / 100 g compared to 65 mg / 100 g of the argan oil) which makes it a powerful antioxidant.

In North Africa, it is called in Arabic "karmouss nssara" meaning "fig Christians", "akermus", "tahendit" and "taknarite" in Tamazight; in the north and in other regions, it is nicknamed hanndia (India).

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