The argan or argan oil is derived from the argan tree endemic of Morocco and western Algeria, present mainly in the southwest of Morocco between Agadir, Tafraout, Essaouira and Taroudant and around Tindouf in Algeria. It is widely used in traditional cuisine of this region.

Rich in vitamin E, antioxidants, it is also used for its cosmetic properties. In 2010, this oil is fashionable, and demand exploded prices. Scams are common, and many products labeled "oil argan" does not contain or very little.

Essaouira arganier fruit (1) 1266


There are two types of argan oil, depending on whether or not the almonds are roasted before use. The edible oil, darker and stronger flavor due to roasting, is used as a regular oil for food preparation, but should not be increased at high temperatures. It is very nutritious and, together with crushed almonds and honey amlou, a nutritious paste often consumed at breakfast.

The cosmetic oil, clearer, is used in application to the skin and hair and have virtues against hair loss, eczema, skin dehydration. The researcher Dr Charrouf, specializing in organic chemistry at the University Mohammed V in Rabat contributed significantly to the scientific knowledge of the oil and other by-products of the argan tree.

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Argan oil is one of the flagship products of cosmetics. It is useful to preserve the youthfulness of your skin by protecting it from external aggressions (wind, sun, cold, pollution ...).

Rich in vitamin E, it is a powerful natural antioxidant. Internally or externally, it will protect your cells against free radical attacks. It therefore acts in prevention against premature aging of the skin. Excellent wrinkle, its effectiveness is visible after only two weeks of use: the complexion is fresh and rested, the pulped face, the skin smooth, supple while staying toned and wrinkles are reduced. Argan oil is particularly effective against stretch marks. The hair can also benefit from its bienfaits.Utilisée hair mask, it restores softness and shine to dry and brittle ends.

Benefits of the oil:
• Light the skin and improves skin radiance.
• Reduces the signs of aging.
• Refreshes and protects the barrier of the skin hydration.
• Relieves and soothes itching (acne, eczema, psoriasis).
• Protects against cracking caused by dry skin.
• Natural and effective in preventing stretch marks in pregnant women.
• nourishes, strengthens and gives shine to hair.
• Repairs and strengthens nails.

Usage tips :

Facial: After cleaning the argan soap, apply organic argan oil and massage the face neck and décolleté, gently, fingertips preferably in the evening. Argan oil is an oil called "dry" as well absorbed by the skin, it leaves no greasy feeling and can also be used conveniently the day.

Body Care: Ideally after a bath, shower or a scrub, apply organic argan oil on the body and massage from bottom to top.

Hair Care: Divide the argan oil on length, for a few minutes and then made your shampoo.

Nail Care: Dip (or brush) your fingers into a bowl containing a mixture of argan oil and lemon juice in equal parts for 10 minutes.

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