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Savon d'Alep 25 % laurier - Alepia
  • Savon d'Alep 25 % laurier - Alepia
  • Savon d'Alep 25 % laurier - Alepia

Savon d'Alep 25 % laurier - Alepia

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Price : 7,23 euros. With its 25% bay laurel oil, Aleppo soap is real is ideal for taking care of your skin every day. With its many moisturizing and soothing properties, it can be used by all the family for the hygiene of the body, face and hair.

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Made using traditional methods, this authentic Aleppo soap consists of 25% laurel oil, a feature that allows it to take care of sensitive skin gently.

With its very soft and strictly natural formula, it Aleppo soap may be used for daily cleansing (face, body and hair). If its many virtues allow it to wash and nourish the skin without drying it except soap restores the hydrolipidic film that protects it from the aggressions of everyday life. Softened and as regenerated, it will be healthy glow again!

Thanks to its content of 25% laurel oil, this soap also effectively fights against skin problems that can spoil the daily. Indeed, his dermatological efficiency allows it to relieve the tightness of very dry skin or problem. Its antiseptic and disinfectant effects allow to purify the skin which also allows it to be used for facial treatments such as masks or scrubs.

Developed through natural ingredients, no added preservatives or dyes, the Aleppo soap preserves your health and respects the environment.
If Syria packed with treasures dating from the Roman, Byzantine and Mamluk, with mosques, churches and castles of the Crusaders, it is now disfigured by a civil war that continues to destroy it. And when our ears echoes the name of Aleppo, one can not help thinking of the soap makers and their famous recipe which allowed them to develop the first ever soap. It was in the seventh century ...
The birth of Aleppo soap results from the discovery of saponification in antiquity. Aleppo soap is also a color that can vary from pale yellow to dark green. Plant, the scent that emerges is tricky. Irregular in shape because even hand cut, soap takes the form of a cube of about 200 g. A buffer representing the master soap maker is hit on one of the main faces of the cube. Halved, soap reveals a beautiful deep green. Contact with air, the cut becomes brown to green once again become scratched.
Olive oil is moisturizing and protects the fat from the skin. As for the bay laurel oil, it is antiseptic and healing. Here is a cocktail of benefits that can be used for daily cleansing, both for the body as the face and hair. The slight scent of cloves and nutmeg that emerges is due to bay laurel. The combination of these beneficial plant oils, added to the original expertise of Aleppo soap makers, make the reputation of this exceptional soap, surgras said, very soothing to some skin conditions.
It is economical because it lasts much longer than any other existing soaps. As low foaming, it is recommended for washing babies, the skin of the latter being flushed quickly.
Moreover, it leaves no trace of perfume. And feeding at will, it makes the skin beautiful.

Data sheet

240 g
Huile d'olive saponifiée (sodium olivate), Huile de baie de Laurier saponifiée (sodium laurus nobilate) 25 % du total des huiles, Eau (aqua), Soude (sodium hydroxide) traces provenant de la saponification.
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