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Parfum Areej Al Oud - Rihanah
  • Parfum Areej Al Oud - Rihanah
  • Parfum Areej Al Oud - Rihanah
  • Parfum Areej Al Oud - Rihanah
  • Concentré parfum roll-on Ameer Al Oud original - Manasik OFFERT

Parfum Areej Al Oud - Rihanah


Price : 44,90 euros. Eau de Parfum Spray (Unisex) 3.4 oz / 100 ml
Sold in its elegant box with integrated handle.

An original Ameer Al Oud Roll-on offered with this perfume (value €4.90) !


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Rihanah’s Areej Al Oud perfume is a seductive scent that highlights the richness and value of agarwood. Agarwood, also known as oud, is a precious resin that comes from Aquilaria trees in Asia. In fact, the perfume’s name translates to “fragrance of oud.”
This modern perfume combines floral notes of hyacinth and rose with velvety amber and bitter bergamot. The result is an elegant and bouquet-like fragrance.

Fragrance Family
Amber, Woody

Scent Notes:
Top Notes: fruits, spices
Middle Notes: sandalwood, amber
Base Notes: oud, musk, vanilla

Questions and Answers

Q: How does Rihanah Areej Al Oud Perfume smell?
A:  This warm fragrance surrounds oud with floral and woody notes. The rose, bergamot, amber and hyacinth all blend well with the agarwood. The perfume also includes a touch of spice thanks to the presence of saffron and cyprinoid oil. The latter ingredient gives the fragrance an earthy scent, as well.
Copaiba Balsam is another exciting note in this fragrance. This South American ingredient is soft and sweet yet also produces a slightly peppery smell.

Q: Where do you apply Areej Al Oud?
A: To increase the longevity of the fragrance, spray onto your major pulse points such as behind your ears, at the base of your neck, on the wrists, behind the knees and in the inner elbows.

Q: What is the fragrance concentration?
A: Rihanah Areej Al Oud perfume is an eau de parfum, or EDP. While eau de colognes and eau de toilettes have relatively weak concentrations, EDPs contain up to 20 percent perfume oil. This higher concentration gives EDPs excellent projection and longevity compared to other types of fragrances.

Q: Is Areej Al Oud for him or her?
A: Areej Al Oud is a unisex perfume. Male and female oud lovers who prefer sweet and oriental fragrances will enjoy this scent.

Q: Does Areej Al Oud last long?
A: This perfume has above-average longevity, so it should last at least six hours. Users may experience different results depending on their body chemistry and the way they apply the perfume. Spraying the fragrance on clothes may further increase its longevity.  

Q: What season should I wear Rihanah Areej Al Oud Perfume?
A: Oriental fragrances such as Areej Al Oud are typically warm and sensual. That makes these perfumes ideal for the cold winter months.

Eau de parfum / eau de toilette: what is the difference?
The name eau de toilette or eau de parfum depends on the concentration, that is to say the percentage of perfume or perfume oil in the composition. While eau de toilette contains 5 to 9% perfume, eau de parfum is more concentrated and contains 8 to 14%. As a result, the eau de parfum lasts longer and has a more intense scent.

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100 ml
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