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Super pack Escargot - ARGANANE
  • Super pack Escargot - ARGANANE
  • Super pack Escargot - ARGANANE

Super pack Escargot - ARGANANE

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The most complete snail-based pack!! An exceptional price for these 8 essential products!

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Snail slime has components such as allantoin, collagen, elastin, glycolic acid, antibiotic peptides and vitamins A and C. These properties allow the pack products to have an anti-blemish action. , anti-wrinkle, prevents stretch marks.

    Paraben free
    Rich in allantoin
    Skin regeneration
    Super hydrating
    Acne treatment

Suitable for all skin types.

Benefits of snail slime:

    Nourishes the skin and regenerates cells
    Gives the skin softness and suppleness
    Evens out skin color
    Removes black and brown spots from the skin
    Works effectively on skin lightening and whitening
    Delays the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging
    Helps treat acne
The cyprea is a gastropod mollusk of warm seas, commonly known as porcelain. Cyprea shells are very well known in Africa, in particular in Morocco, Algeria but also in Senegal. They make it possible to prepare a traditional treatment intended to treat various skin problems located in particular on the face: blackheads, pigment spots, pimples, dull complexion, "pregnancy mask" (better known under the name of "chloasma") ... This is an old oriental remedy from grandmother which is proving to be very effective.

- Eliminates dead skin cells.
- Reduces the appearance of wrinkles in the skin and helps nourish and hydrate it.
- Reduces the appearance of fine lines on the face and acne.