Huile d'ail 60 ml - Plantil
  • Huile d'ail 60 ml - Plantil
  • Huile d'ail 60 ml - Plantil

Huile d'ail 60 ml - Plantil


Price : 5,50 euros. The oil to 60ml Plantil garlic extract.

Cosmetic virtues :
  • fights dandruff and seborrhea
  • activates the scalp and prevents hair loss
  • brightness of dry and brittle hair
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It seems that according to the studies conducted for more than 5000 years doctors of Assyria, Egypt, India, Greece, China, advise the use of garlic as a therapy ...
Garlic contains vitamins A, B1, B2 and C, iron and various natural antibiotics.
It has incredible qualities in herbal medicine and bactericidal effects are attributed to it

garlic extract oil fights dandruff and seborrhea.
Active scalp, strengthens and gives shine to dry, brittle hair and prevents hair loss.
For people in whom the hair no longer grows, garlic boosts the activity of the hair bulb.
For dry and brittle hair.

Do massage your scalp with this oil.
For this, of massage in circular movements to feel some heat.
Then wrap your hair and wash it the next morning.
Repeat if possible several times a week. To make during 1-2 months.

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60 ml
Ricinus communis oil, allium sativum extract, allium sativum essential oil
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