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Miel de thym - ARGANANE
  • Miel de thym - ARGANANE
  • Miel de thym - ARGANANE

Miel de thym - ARGANANE


26,90 euros for 250 g. Honey thyme, also called in Arabic "Zaatar" comes from Imouzzer Ida Outanane region in the region of Agadir in South West Morocco.
Very fragrant, its taste is inimitable and its therapeutic and medicinal properties are exceptional.


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Presented as one of the honey varieties with the most medicinal properties, thyme honey has an amber color and a very pronounced flavor. One of the properties for which he is recognized is his antiseptic power. Thyme honey is strongly used for the prevention of infectious, respiratory and digestive diseases. It would also have a toning and invigorating effect, which makes it ideal in case of flu. It is also known to have great healing abilities that would be attributable to two antiseptic and antibacterial compounds present in thyme honey, thymol and carvacrol. As its pH is higher than in floral honeys, the proliferation of bacteria is less rapid.

Color: the color of thyme honey is orange, slightly amber, and clears when it crystallizes
Texture: liquid at the beginning of the harvest or at the moment of extraction, then creamy and unctuous when the honey naturally solidifies
Smell: with an intense, aromatic and unique fragrance, thyme honey is characterized by a delicate and suave flavor, fragrant and pleasant
Taste: this pronounced and delicate taste is a blend of the sweetness of honey and the subtle taste of thyme. This assertive taste of incomparable sweetness is distinguished by a remarkable length in the mouth.
Particularity: rich in thymol
Crystallization: slow

As a natural remedy and because of its antibacterial properties, the consumption of thyme honey may be indicated to relieve some ailments such as:
   - Respiratory diseases such as angina, colds or bronchitis.
   - Viral diseases such as influenza.
   - An antibacterial and soothing syrup for dry coughs that irritate the throat or lane extinctions.
   - Digestion or bowel problems, especially diarrhea and gastroenteritis.
In such cases, it is recommended to consume pure thyme honey with a spoon and repeat the operation until signs of improvement appear.

Thyme honey is particularly known for promoting healing. It can thus be applied directly to the skin in case:
   - Burns: thyme honey then acts as an antibacterial while helping to rebuild damaged cells of the epidermis.
   - Shingles or herpes to prevent recurrence.
   - Acne and scars due to acne: thyme honey can be applied as a mask to let act about 30 minutes before being thoroughly rinsed. The skin is then healthier while being hydrated.
   - From superficial to infected wounds: Thyme honey reduces inflammation while promoting healing and the disappearance of germs and / or bacteria.
Good to know: before applying thyme honey on an open wound or heavily infected, it is recommended to seek advice from a pharmacist or doctor.

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250 g